Florian and Henning

A review of our two-day hike from Port St Johns to Mpande Village Kraal with Jimmy

Me Florian and Henning a friend of mine from Germany arrived in Port St Johns during journey down to Cape Town. We just wanted to relax a few days at the beautiful Wild Coast and then on our second day Jungle Monkey Backpackers we were introduced to Jimmy, a well known local guide. We met him the first morning and he introduced himself as “ Dreadlock Jimmy the tourist guide”. He was very friendly and told us everything about hiking down the coast, where we would stay the first night and where we will be picked up to go back to Port St John’s if we wanted to do a two day hike with him. So we talked to him a couple of minutes and the hike was booked.

At 8 o’clock the next morning Jimmy picked us up at the Backpackers and we started our hike. The first destination was second beach not so far away, but the way took us through his township and he told us everything about the little area directly at the sea, the problems and the political situation the people here have to deal with. So we got a nice impression of the local’s life.The whole first day Jimmy was leading us through beautiful country side along the coast, up and down, jungle trees around us and most of the time on an amazing view of the Indian Ocean. We had to manage solve steep parts but in the end it was no problem. Most of the time he adopted his speed, so it was never a problem to follow him. His knowledge about the fauna and flora was amazing; sometimes he stopped and told us a 5 minutes story about that tree, or this flower and how the locals use it.

After a few hours walking and beautiful beaches passing by we arrived at about 3 o’clock at a little village called Mpande , where we were going to spend the night. It was nice to see that Jimmy knew nearly everybody on the way and had a little small- talk to the people who themselves were lived. On the way we were introduced the Xhosa language and how to greet the people.

Finally we had a nicer impression of the family we stayed, got some coffee and bread in the afternoon and a wonderful dinner. Lying down in our beds, Jimmy told us exciting stories about Xhosa- culture and the way the people live.

Our second and last day started with a hot coffee and some breakfast and a nice smile from the mother’ family. We left at about 9 o’clock with a beautiful view over the whole area with its nice rondavels. The next 4 hours our way took us to a location called Kraal along the lirky Coast never ending excellent beaches over most of the time small paths. Here our journey or hike ended.

Now there was only little way to a close by hospital to catch a taxi back to Port St John, even that was an experience. However, in the end we can say, Jimmy is a competent and relaxed guide we had and who earned our full respect. So if anybody is taken with that countryside, we have to recommend Jimmy, it would be our first choice.

Florian and Rebecca from Italy

Hey Jimmy,

How is it? Thank you so much for taking us to the village yesterday it was an experience we won’t forget. We really appreciate that you made a personal tour with us by telling us about your feelings and beliefs about your culture. The church was really impressive too.

People were so friendly to us. It was nice and made us feel very comfortable that all the village people shared their culture and privacy with that and us they were tolerant towards us. We are very grateful for that and won’t forget it. We also wish you all the best and hope you get to marry your girl soon. Keep on with the good work.

Peace out

Wentzel & Elaine Lombard

Hi Jimmy

Hope you are well! Thank you for the message you sent us. I just had to write to you to tell you how much we enjoyed the hike. We really had a good time. We were very tired for a few days, but after a good rest we were fine.

I printed these photos for you and covered them in plastic so that they don’t get spoiled.

Lawrence is back in Kimberly with the Griquas, very busy exercising in the terrible heat. They are going on a tour to Port Elizabeth next week. Le Riche is back in Stellenbosch and his classes are starting today. Louzel has also gone back to school to start her matric year.

We really look back on as wonderful trip and we think about all the people we met. You must please give our regards to all the people where we stayed. Please give them the photos we took with them.

Thank you again for all the stories you told us- we learned a lot. Keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you and keep you and prosper you. We will be praying for you.